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You buy an apartment in Paris to live in it yourself. But maybe you want to be able to (partly) rent it out as an investment. How do you approach that? And what should you pay attention to? Read more below.


Renting out your own Paris apartment: is that possible?

France, and on top of that the city of Paris, look at the rental market with a critical eye. To keep the city livable, limits have been set on the amount of rent and the extent to which owners are allowed to rent out their home. There are many rules and some limitations. It is important that you first consider the extent to which you want to be able or need to rent out your Paris apartment before attempting to purchase a property there. For example, certain neighborhoods are more popular with business tenants. Others attract more tourists. We know exactly what’s the buzz in each area and we can tune the search accordingly.

Do it yourself or outsource

You must also determine whether you yourself have the opportunity to spend time on and pay attention to the rental. Many homeowners prefer to work with an agent or broker for this. We can put you in touch with good intermediaries for all types of rental. They also take care of the minor maintenance and handling of daily affairs. They collect the rent for you, withhold the necessary payments, and pay the proceeds to you.

Rules for renting out apartments in Paris

Unless you are a French tax resident, your Paris flat is considered to be your secondary home. That applies even if you only have one real estate property in France. You can rent out your unfurnished flat in Paris without too many obstacles. But for renting out furnished apartments, more rules apply. The city distinguishes between long-term rental and short-term rental of furnished second homes. Long-term furnished rental means renting to the same tenant for a year or more (or for 9 months or more to students). You can rent out your furnished flat for the long term without too many obstacles. Renting out your furnished apartment for less than a year is also allowed, provided it is to tenants that follow a training, course, study or education, or that are detached for a job in Paris. They have to proof this. And then you must rent it out for at least 1 month, and no longer than 10 months.  But short-term holiday rental of furnished second homes, like it has become a trend in many cities all over the world,  such as via AirBNB and or simply through a broker, has been made extremely difficult in Paris. This type of short-term furnished holiday rental is subject to a complicated and expensive system of permits that are very difficult to obtain. The fines for not complying with the rules are high. The chance of being caught is small but the sanctions are high. Find more information in our frequently asked questions section.

And what about home exchange?

You may exchange your apartment in Paris through “Home Exchange". No money is exchanged as this is a form of bartering. Because no rent in the form of money is paid, this is (for the time being) allowed in Paris.

The regulations for the rental of (second) apartments in Paris are constantly changing. For the latest news coverage, you can look here. (link)

More information

We are not a rental broker

Sometimes we are approached with the question whether we can help people who want to rent a home in Paris. Unfortunately, that is not our sport. For that you can go to rental agents or look at specialized websites.

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