The day may come that you will want to sell your apartment in Paris. We already pay attention to future marketability when purchasing your Paris property. Once that time has come, we can help you with the sale. Read more below.


How can ParisScarabee Househunters assist you with the sale of your Paris apartment?

You already own an apartment in Paris. You are ready for the next step and you want to sell it. However, who is the right local agent who achieves the highest price for your property? You can call on us for the sale. Real estate sales are an area in Paris with many pitfalls and tricks. One Parisian sales broker is not the other. We can help you to select the most suitable broker. We ensure that you conclude a good contract with him, with a reasonable fee. We see to it that he advertises your flat in the right way. We ensure that he continues to actively sell your apartment, that he gives feedback about how the viewings are going and that he realizes the correct transaction price for you.

By involving us in the sale of your Paris apartment, you can be sure that you:

  • Find one or more proactive brokers in Paris more quickly who act as a sales broker on your behalf;
  • Agree a sensible sales strategy with the broker (s);
  • Pass on the lowest possible brokerage commission to the seller;
  • Receive the best possible selling price for your apartment;
  • Faster transaction comes through our active management of the broker (s) and all other bodies involved in the transaction, such as the Homeowners Association, the notary, the technical diagnostics agencies;
  • Maintain supervision and control over correct content and correct handling of the legal part of the sale process of your Paris apartment.
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