Living in Paris - oh la la

Living in Paris is wonderful. At least, we from ParisScarabee Househunters think so. After all, we live there ourselves! And what could be nicer than being able to open your own front door after arriving in this bustling metropolis, to enter your own apartment and sleep in your own bed. You will find a distinctive cultural microclimate in every district of Paris. The residents know each other. The retailers have their regular customers. After a while you will also be part of it. That important moment when the baker, from whom you have been buying fresh croissants and a baguette de tradition every morning for 4 months, finally greets you out of his own initiative!

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There's no accounting for taste

Like for all things in life, including a flat or house in Paris: it’s so many heads, so many minds. Do you want an apartment in a quiet place, or in the middle of the crowd? Which means of transport are important to you? Near a metro, or close to the exit roads? ParisScarabee Househunters will try to answer these and other relevant questions together with you before we start your search. So we can search, find and deliver the house that exactly fits your personal situation.

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