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The proof of the pudding...

Who: Bas and Saskia
What: Purchase of a 2P apartment near Le Bon Marché
When: October 2021

“ParisScarabee brings up all those points that we would have forgotten”

Engaging Frank and Annemiek was the best decision we made, apart from buying an apartment in Paris of course. In the Netherlands, we would not be quick to hire a buyer's agent; we'll arrange that ourselves. But a Paris purchase in French is a little trickier; a huge range of homes that are often sold immediately and at dizzying prices. Frank and Annemiek know the Parisian market and know exactly what it takes for a successful purchase. The viewings are an experience in itself; a particularly tight schedule, unwavering friendliness towards real estate agents, continuous questions and comments about all details and with an enthusiasm as if they buy the apartment themselves. Frank and Annemiek complement each other; one thinks of formal steps, costs or legal details, the other of location, a good cheese shop and what you would like to do in your apartment in 5 years time. Throughout the process, they keep asking, looking and directing to make sure you really find your dream apartment.
Without ParisScarabee, we wouldn't have known if we were buying a leftover apartment that nobody else wanted, or if there would be any surprises later on. You never know, but Frank and Annemiek are ready to help. The formal process after the successful bid went very quickly; the owner of the apartment, the real estate agent and the notary all like to work with Frank and Annemiek because they are knowledgeable, friendly and fast. Communication is very good and Frank and Annemiek think of all the things that you don't think about yourself. The renovation of our flat will now start, also under the supervision of Frank and Annemiek.


Who: Heleen and Winfred
What: Purchase of a 4P apartment, 6e arrondissement, near Odéon
When: September 2021

"Beyond expectations"

The apartment we found in the sixth arrondissement, near the Seine, thanks to Annemiek and Frank, exceeds our expectations. We hope to enjoy this place with our three sons and our friends for a long time. The expert support of F&A was also beyond expectations. Not only their knowledge of Paris and their savoir-faire in this challenging market is impressive, also their very personal attention and network was of great importance and a big surprise. The careful work of A&F is not completed after the transaction documents are signed at their efficient notary. They continue to pay attention to every essential step to take in the new environment: insurance, water, energy, WIFI, painting and the owner’s association. A&F took care of all of this with their characterizing promptness, resulting in a seamless process. Their pace is even difficult to follow and it emerged all this work is also part of their package.
The intensive and frequent contacts we had since November 2020 were above all so enjoyable that we will truly miss them, now everything is settled. It is a privilege and a great pleasure to cooperate with Annemiek and Frank.


Who: Jeff Tarakajian (USA)
What: total renovation of 3-pièces in the 6th arrondissment near the Pont Neuf
When: july 2021

“Brilliantly done renovation - (under the most difficult circumstances)”

I engaged ParisScarabee to direct and oversee an almost complete renovation on my Paris apartment. I live in the U. S., so having someone responsible “on-site” when needed would be critical. When I left the apartment in Anne and Frank’s hands on March 15, 2020, I had no idea that a global pandemic would drive the project through many unforeseen twists and turns. But 15 months later, despite lockdowns, travel restrictions, materials that suddenly became unavailable, suppliers who weren’t working, etc., the result was absolutely superb. We couldn’t be happier. Frank and Anne were always there to trouble-shoot, provide timely good news and bad, as well as well-thought-through suggestions for how to go forward. Their service is a bit pricey, but as they say, “worth it” particularly when facing the unpredictable from thousands of miles away. Merci millefois!

Who: Sylvia en Michiel (The Netherlands)
What: purchase studio, 6e arrondissement, Jardin de Luxembourg
When: august 2018

“In control from beginning to end”

Six months after the idea came up to acquire an apartment in Paris, we actually owned it. And during those six months the support of Annemiek and Frank was absolutely great. They transferred our potentially challenging ambition in a relatively unknown area into a structured, realistic and affordable project that worked out along the lines that they and we had foreseen. During the first of the three scheduled days to visit the venues we already found our studio. In fact, it was the first of the 10 the apartments A&F had chosen for our visit that day.

Finding the right place was the first step and subsequently A&F took us by the hand to help us through the French love of paperwork, their specificities in the language, the long waiting for seemingly simple things, the negotiations and eventually the transfer of the apartment. They helped us to put things in the right perspective, took care of our concerns and were in control and secured the whole process from beginning until end, even smoothlessly dealing with the inevitable last-minute ‘issues’. Thanks for the great support.

Who: Hester and Aart (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 2-room apartment 6e arrondissement, Saint-Germain-des-Prés
When: april 2018

"We enjoy our great spot in Paris very much!"

We have commissioned Frank and Annemiek to find a pied-à-terre for us in Paris. That has been a great success. 'We are very happy with the apartment and received a lot of support, at the time of the search and legal transfer, as well with a renovation. They clearly operate on a strong base of experience and carry out their mission vigorously and with perseverance.

The search was very intensive and planned as a military operation: never before in our lives we saw so much of Paris in so little time. As Annemiek and Frank immediately understood what we were looking for and know the local market, we finally bought our apartment "at distance".

We benefitted a lot from their cooperation with a very good renovation company. The final result is there and we got a wonderful apartment. In conclusion: we are very happy and we enjoy our spot in Paris very much!

Who: Germaine and Gijs (The Netherlands)
What: renovation 3-room apartment, 16e arrondissement, near Avenue Foch
When: november 2017

"Pleasant, knowledgeable and dependable people"

Account of 6 months working with Paris Scarabee Frank and Annemiek:

In 2016, my husband and I bought a beautiful, light and very outdated flat in Paris. It had to be entirely renovated and the French interior architects whom I contacted, just weren’t quite up to it.

I Googled on the internet and came across the Paris Scarabee website, I got bold and called: Got Annemiek on the phone and to cut to the chase, a pleasant exchange was followed by an initial meeting and we decided to work together.

They brought us a good French contractor and we worked in a pleasant and constructive manner, communication lines were short and clear and all things we agreed upon were implemented fast and correctly.

Frank and Annemiek are fine human beings upon whom one can depend during renovation and decoration and they also were a great support in dealings with the French instances.

Frank and Annemiek listen, they advise when and where needed (in particular with French issues, they are really will-informed), they take over when and if needed, and they respect you entirely, they also look deeper into matters if so asked.

We greatly enjoyed working with you both, good luck fine people!

Who: Martin and Reginald (The Netherlands)
What: sale studio, 18e arrondissement, near Gare du Nord
When: may 2017

"Quick and knowledgeable"

It worked! The sale happened. We want to thank you for your help.If we had had to do it on our own, it would have been quite a tour.

We were impressed by your knowledge and by the speed with wich you always answered all our questions.

So... Thank you very much!

Who: Peter de Vries (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 3-room apartment Rue Oberkampf, 11e arrondissement, near Place de la Bastille and Le Marais
When: march 2017

"Not a bargain, but worth every penny!"

Without Annemiek and Frank we would not have succeeded in finding and redecorating a Parisian apartment this easily.

The way they organize their search is very efficient, especially when one’s first residence is elsewhere.

They did all the paperwork for us. It was very trustworthy.

Because of the way they handled it, we did not encounter any problems with the redecoration of the apartment.

Annemiek and Frank react always very quickly in a pleasant way. They are a very adequate couple.

It is not a bargain, but worth every penny.

Who: Ellen and Jean-Pierre (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 2-room apartment Rue Manin, 19e arrondissement, near Parc Buttes Chaumont
When: november 2015

"Mission accomplished within 4 months!"

With the intensive, efficient and personal help by Annemiek and Frank we have succeeded to find a wonderful apartment in Paris. As a result of our in-depth discussions with them our wishes have quickly become more concrete and realistic. On the first search day they presented to us a varied palette of 11 different apartments: in old and new buildings, with and without an elevator, 2 or 3 rooms, low and high floor levels, some a bit cheaper, some more expensive. The variety of the apartments they presented has helped to shape our thoughts: the pros and cons, what are we looking for exactly? At the end of the first search day we already had made up our mind. After that it went very quickly: together with them we made an offer, it was quickly accepted, we worked our way through a pile of red tape and paperwork, we paid two visits to the notary and finally got 4 key sets of “our” Manin. Without Frank and Annemiek we would never have had this result. We had confidence in their approach: businesslike, expert, energetic and smooth, explicit, with feeling for the Paris customs and way of life and doing business, and with humor. It has been a pleasure working with them. From the 6th floor of our apartment we look back at a few exciting and successful weeks in which we felt that we were well guided by this sympathetic duo.

Who: Daniël Jansen op de Haar (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 3-room appartement Rue Caulaincourt, 18e arrondissement, near Sacre Coeur
When: july 2015

"Tremendously happy"

Frank en Annemiek have helped me excellently with the purchase of 2 apartments in Paris as well as the sale of another apartment. Their French language skills, their excellent network with helpful real estate brokers, plus their very professional notary, were crucial factors in finding my dream house! They know the city through and through and they have pointed me to areas in the city, where I, considering myself a highly knowledgeable connoisseur of Paris, never had been before. I am now tremendously happy in my apartment and in my neighborhood.

Who: Petter Aasheim/Leona Leslie (Norway)What: purchase of a studio with terrace, 4th arrondissement, near Place des Vosges, Le Marais

When: June 2015

"Dreams of Paris"

It started on a rooftop. Reading Hemingway and sipping rosé wine. A dream of a pied-à-terre in the world’s most beautiful city. Paris, with its grey skies, corner cafes and intricate history had seduced us. A studio, a room, anything! We had to have our own little piece of Paris.

We knew exactly what we wanted. We had a vision, a dream, a mission! Franck and Annemiek helped us to realize it. When we first met for coffee in a local bar in the 10th arrondissement, we knew immediately that they understood what we were looking for. They shared our passion for Paris and had a keen understanding of the real estate market and its laws and regulations. They had the ability to picture what we were dreaming of, and so the search began.

Frank and Annemiek worked diligently to find the best apartments on the market within our budget. They worked tirelessly to set up appointments with elusive sellers and real estate agents. There are thousands of agencies in Paris and it would have been very difficult to navigate this on our own.

The dream became reality when we saw the second apartment on our second day of viewings. Frank and Annemiek helped us to make an offer and negotiate with the seller (there were other very interested buyers). The owner accepted our offer above others because Frank and Annemiek were so agreeable to do business with.

Knowledgeable, skilled and entirely committed to finding us the place of our dreams, Frank and Annemiek were a pleasure to work with. They communicated quickly and clearly whenever we had a question or asked for advice. They added a personal touch to the process; they got excited when we got excited and nervous when we were nervous. They understood what we wanted, and they made it happen.

We highly recommend Frank and Annemiek as the property finders who will make your dreams of Paris come true.

Who: The De Kat family (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 3-room apartment, 16e arrondissement, near Place Victor Hugo and Trocadéro
When: september 2014


Thanks to Annemiek and Frank my biggest wish has been fulfilled. In a vigorous and sympathetic way they have carried out our search for an apartment in Paris. Thanks to their excellent network of contacts with real estate agents and contractors. Frank en Annemiek speak better French than a lot of Parisians. We strongly recommend them. Mr. de Kat.

Who: Turner Family (England)

What: purchase of a one-bedroom apartment, 20th arrondissement, near Place Gambetta and Père Lachaise

When: august 2014

"Better place for our money!"

We engaged Frank and Annemiek to find a studio in Paris for our daughter (20). She studies there and wants to build up a life in Paris. We wanted something with a separate bedroom, in a safe area, and a flat tranquil enough to allow for study. Our budget was about 250.000 Euro. Frank and Annemiek were very helpful in explaining us the mechanics of the market, the nice and affordable areas; they also showed us some interesting areas we had not thought of. They quickly found a very nice apartment and were able to complete the transaction at the notary - within three months after they started the search - at a purchase price of 235.000 Euro for a 2-room apartment close to the lively Place Gambetta in the 20th arrondissement. They also were very helpful in quickly bringing us in contact with a renovation company which carried out the additional arrangements we wanted, mainly for storage. We would certainly recommend Frank and Annemiek!

Who: W. Stoker (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 3-room apprtment, 18e arrondissement, near Sacre Coeur
When: juni 2013

“Enthusiast and knowledgeable”

Frank and Annemiek assisted us enthusiastically in our search for an apartment in Paris. They are very well informed about all ins and outs related to the purchase and renovation of a Parisian apartment. We also found it crucial that they speak French fluently. To anyone who needs professional help in purchasing an apartment, or doesn't have the time, we wholeheartedly recommend them.

Who: M. van Engelshoven (The Netherlands)
What: purchase studio, 18e arrondissement, near Gare du Nord
When: spring 2011


If you plan to acquire real estate in Paris, it would be smart to work with Annemiek and Frank. We have done so and we are extremely satisfied. Annemiek and Frank have excellent knowledge of the French language and of French legal matters. That is important, because there are quite a few legal documents and the French notaries and real estate agents require many formal documents. Annemiek and Frank are practical, they work fast, and they provide answers to all your questions. They are thorough and reliable and deliver what they promised. They know their way in Paris and clearly enjoy finding an apartment that suits the needs and budget of their customers. We were looking for a pied-a-terre of no more than 100.000 Euros. We now have an apartment of 101.000 Euros in an area that for us is simply ideal. If you want to know more about our experiences, please ask Annemiek and Frank to bring you into contact with us.

Who: J.A. van Dijk (The Netherlands

What: purchase 2-room apartment in the 7e arrondissmement, near Le Bon Marché.

When: fall 2011

"From A to Z"

Frank and Annemiek work fast and efficiently. They left us room for our own ideas. They found us a unique apartment that needed a complete renovation. Without their help we would have never dared to take up such a challenge. Everything worked out fine and the result is simply beautiful.

Who: C.J. Hage (The Netherlands)
What: purchase 3-room apartment rue Brey, 17e arrondissement, near Arc de Triomphe
When: summer 2010

"Absolute topclass!!!"

Our search was very specific. We wanted an apartment in a defined area, that we could use for ourselves as well as for investment purposes. It was key to us that our wishes be heard, and at the same time we wanted help in refining our choices. The search process was very efficient and there was great reactivity in this market where top-class products are sold within hours. Everything around the purchase was taken care of, included in the price, and with continuous communication. They are knowledgeable and very reliable. As a result, we now have a fantastic apartment right in the Parisian city center! It exceeds our expectations. In the stage after the purchase, when we wanted to rent out the apartment, we also used their services. Annemiek and Frank work perfectly as a team.



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