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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... but how do you go about?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But what is the right price?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

.... But who guides you through all legal formalities?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But you don't have time to search?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

… But how if you don't speak French?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But where's the best spot?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But how to manage a long-distance renovation ?

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Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But how to rent it out?

Full 1
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... but how do you go about?

Full 2
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But what is the right price?

Full 3
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

.... But who guides you through all legal formalities?

Full 4
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But you don't have time to search?

Full 5
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

… But how if you don't speak French?

Full 6
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But where's the best spot?

Full 7
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But how to manage a long-distance renovation ?

Full 8
Buying an apartment in Paris ...?

... But how to rent it out?

ParisScarabee Househunters

Our services

Are you searching for your own apartment in Paris, as a "pied-à-terre", or as an investment? But you cant get what you want with the real estate agents? Try an independent househunter! ParisScarabee Househunters ensures that you become the satisfied owner of the apartment in Paris that meets your personal needs and fits your budget. We also assist you if you want to renovate your apartment. And also, if someday, you want to be able to rent it out or sell it again. Choose here if you want to know more about one of our following services:

Buy Renovate Rent out Sell

Your benefits

By engaging ParisScarabee Househunters as your independent partner, you get better value for money. You reach your goal faster and with less effort. You can be sure you comply with all legal requirements and own an apartment in Paris that will sell well in the future. And ... through our personal commitment and involvement, we turn your house hunt into an exciting and positive experience. Do you want to know how we do that?

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Parisscarabee Frank van Zelst and Annemiek Wortel

About us

Annemiek Wortel and Frank van Zelst founded ParisScarabee Househunters in 2006. With a small, experienced and professional team we are at your service day and night. Real estate fans with a preference for Paris: we will not let go until we have succeeded and got you that one rare pearl. ParisScarabee Househunters: search, find, deliver. May we also help you to realize your dream apartment in Paris?

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What our customers say

WHat our customers say

After a very pleasant and expert intake, on the advice of Frank en Annemiek we also looked at other neighborhoods than we originally had in mind. There we found something beautiful in that typical Parisian atmosphere. Our bid was 4 minutes faster than that of a competing buyer, and ParisScarabee provided convincing arguments, so thanks to decisive action and quick and efficient action, we became the new owners. Frank and Annemiek very expertly supervised the entire process surrounding the promissory note and acte de vente, and we had the keys in our hands in no time. The follow-up process was also initiated by Frank and Annemiek and carried out where necessary. In short, an indispensable pair who, with a lot of flair and charm, but especially with professionalism and expertise, make the search through the French tangle of streets, formalities and bureaucracy a paved path. We highly recommend them!

Happy customers  Roelant and Agnes in the 17th arrondissement in Paris
Roelant and Agnes, the Netherlands February 2024

A monumental search day. Then the tough negotiations to get our dream spot in the Marais. Expertise and professionalism throughout the entire follow-up process. And the excellent after-sales services to the end. We highly recommend ParisScarabee Househunters.

Vind uw appartement in Parijs
F. and H., the Netherlands January 2024

us.For about 10 years I had the dream of owning an apartment in Paris. But where to start? After a very pleasant introduction and exploration of my wishes, Frank and Annemiek from ParisScarabee got to work. It felt good from the start. They are taken seriously. Everything is explained in detail, so there are no surprises. I am now the proud owner of my own flat in Paris. Without Annemiek and Frank I could not have achieved this so smoothly, carefree and quickly.

Find your flat in Paris
Willem, the Netherlands June 2023

“Top service and top speed”

We highly recommend ParisScarabee Househunters ergo Annemiek and Frank when looking for a house in Paris. It should be a celebration and their knowledge, expertise, full service and unburdening made it so for us.

Purchase  apartment Parijs
Nicole and Huib, the Netherlands April 2023

“Total turn key, from A to Z”

We immediately saw the enormous expertise at ParisScarabee. Not only extensive knowledge of the Parisian market, but also expert with regard to the purchase process and the legal aspects, but also clearly experienced with the French working method of brokers and notaries. The dynamic communication led to an impressively intensive viewing day with 12 apartments. Some cases were not in order in the cadastral register and were resolved by Annemiek and Frank with great tenacity. We could never have done this ourselves. We were able to fully focus on the apartments, but we remained in control at all decision moments. In this way, the purchase of an apartment in Paris simply becomes a party. What a toppers, thank you!

Aankoop appartement Parijs
Bart en Margot de Bresser, Belgium July 2022

“Success thanks to perseverance and talent for improvisation”

I think this was unexpectedly the most complex project so far for ParisScarabee…I wanted to sell my maison àtypique…ParisScarabee arranged everything and found a reliable broker and a good buyer. But when we want to sign the provisional deed of sale at the Notary, it turns out that the land registry has never seen my house! Then a completely different project starts, in which all capacities are addressed. The perseverance and improvisational talent of Frank and Annemiek became fully visible. After a lot of diplomacy and negotiation and an exciting meeting of the VVE, it all ended well… thanks to you, Frank and Annemiek!!! An eternel Thank you!! I love you! From well to cha-cha-cha!!!!

Appartement in Parijs verkocht
Jan van de Putte, The Netherlands July 2022

“Professional, precise and fast”

The personal approach of ParisScarabee Househunters immediately instilled the necessary confidence. During the first viewing day we visited more than 10 properties. The selection was a true reflection of our wishes: it was a very diverse range, with each property offering different advantages. We found the apartment of our dreams on the first day. Annemiek and Frank took care of everything during the further processing of the purchase. They work extremely precisely and quickly; nothing is too much for them and communication ran smoothly. In short, if you work with Annemiek and Frank, finding a home in Paris turns into a carefree process. On top of that, you get to know a very warm and pleasant couple: nothing but praise!

Peter and Inge
The Piessens family, Belgium June 2022

“Indispensable support”

We are writing this from our own apartment in Paris. The process went smoothly right from the start. Despite the fact that we also kept an eye on many housing sites, Frank and Annemiek came up with many surprises on the first viewing day. The guidance and support during the search and the purchasing process were indispensable and we are very grateful to them for their help.

appartment in Parijs
Erwin and Marieke, The Netherlands May 2022

“Our wishes quickly and correctly understood”

After deciding to buy an apartment in Paris, the next question is: 'how do you go about this…'. Thanks to the local knowledge and perseverance of ParisScarabee we found our apartment in no time. The after service, in particular dealing with the French suppliers, and the settlement with the notary, went smoothly. Praise!

3pièces in the 9th, unique terrace with view on all monuments of Paris
The H. Family, The Netherlands april 2022

"They earned our trust"

Frank and Annemiek are there for you from the first inventory of your wishes up to the last local internet hookup. By helping you make choices in advance, the whole process is smooth and seamless, with a more than efficient viewing day. Intensive, productive and very enjoyable! Working together with us, they have more than earned the trust that we were initially somewhat hesitant to give.

Buying a flat in Paris
The O. Family, The Netherlands january 2022

“They think of everything”

Engaging Frank and Annemiek was the best decision we made. They know the Parisian market and what it takes for a successful purchase. The viewings are an experience in itself. Frank and Annemiek complement each other. Throughout the process, they keep asking, looking and directing to make sure you really find your dream apartment. Without ParisScarabee, we wouldn't have known if we were buying a leftover apartment that nobody else wanted, or if there would be any surprises later on. The owner of the apartment, the real estate agent and the notary all like to work with Frank and Annemiek because they are knowledgeable, friendly and fast. Communication is very good and Frank and Annemiek think of all the things that you wouldn’t think about yourself.

Parisscarabee Bas en Saskia
Bas and Saskia, The Netherlands october 2021

“Beyond expectations”

The apartment we found in the sixth arrondissemen exceeds our expectations. The expert support of F&A was also beyond expectations. Not only their knowledge of Paris and their savoir-faire in this challenging market is impressive, also their very personal attention and network was of great importance and a big surprise. They continue to pay attention to every essential step to take in the new environment: insurance, water, energy, WIFI, painting and the owner’s association. It emerged all this work is also part of their package. It is a privilege and a great pleasure to cooperate with Annemiek and Frank.

ParsiScarabee Househunters finds your apartment in Paris
Heleen and Winfred, The Netherlands september 2021

“Brilliantly done renovation - (under the most difficult circumstances)”

When I left the apartment in Anne and Frank’s hands on March 15, 2020, I had no idea that a global pandemic would drive the major renovation of my apartment through many unforeseen twists and turns. But 15 months later, despite lockdowns, travel restrictions, materials that suddenly became unavailable, suppliers who weren’t working, etc., the result was absolutely superb. We couldn’t be happier.

Jeff Tarakajian happy with the total renovation of his 3-pièces flat in Paris
Jeff Tarakajian, USA july 2021

“A great support”

"Between our first idea of an apartment in Paris and the actual purchase, 6 intensive months went by. In  that time Annemiek and Frank showed us the way in many areas, took our chestnuts out of the fire and explained to us how the real French way of doing business."

Ondertekening aankoop appartement notaris
Sylvia and Michiel, The Netherlands august 2018

"We enjoy our great spot in Paris very much!"

"We hired Frank and Annemiek to find us a pied-à-terre in Paris. We succeeded perfectly. We are happy with the apartment and have had a lot of support, during the search, during the legal process and during the subsequent renovation of our flat. Experience and commitment, but also tenacity, are evident from everything Annemiek and Frank do".

Parisscarabee passage de l’acte
Hester and Aart april 2018

"Great people you can rely on"

"Report on 6 months of collaboration with Paris Scarabee Frank and Annemiek: In 2016 my husband and I bought a nice, slightly dated apartment in Paris. That had to be rebuilt and the French interior architects I came in contact with were not entirely up to the challenge. But Frank and Annemiek were!"

Parisscarabee Germaine en Gijs, aankoop appartement vieren
Germaine and Gijs november 2017

"Fast and knowledgeable"

"It worked out. The sale of our flat has come about. We want to thank you very much for your help. If we had had to do it all by ourselves, it would have been quite a tour".

Martin and Reginald May 2017

"Not a bargain, but worth every penny

"Without Annemiek and Frank from Parisscarabee, it would not have been possible (and so quickly) to find an apartment in Paris and renovate it. They know Paris like the back of their hand and are therefore very good at advising in which neighborhood (s) to look for the best. We have arrived in a perfect place."

Peter de Vries March 2017

"Successful within four months!"

"With the intensive, efficient and personal help of Annemiek and Frank, we have succeeded in finding a wonderful apartment in Paris within four months. Through our conversations with them, our wishes quickly became more concrete and realistic."

Velib Paris
Ellen & Jean-Pierre November 2015

"Tremendously happy"

"Frank and Annemiek helped me greatly, both with the purchase of two apartments and with the sale of one apartment. Their in-depth knowledge of the French language, but above all their excellent connections with sympathetic real estate agents, and an outstanding notary were decisive in finding my dream home!"

Daniël Jansen op de Haar July 2015

"Dreams of Paris"

"We knew exactly what we wanted. We had a vision, a dream, a mission! Frank and Annemiek helped us to realize it. When we first met for coffee in a local bar in the 10th arrondissement, we knew immediately that they understood what we were looking for. They shared our passion for Paris and had a keen understanding of the real estate market and its laws and regulations. They had the ability to picture what we were dreaming of, and so the search began."

Ondertekening aankoop appartement feestelijk
Aasheim/Leslie family, Norway June 2015

"Better place for our money!"

"We engaged Frank and Annemiek to find a studio in Paris for our daughter (20). She studies there and wants to build up a life in Paris. We wanted something with a separate bedroom, in a safe area, and a flat tranquil enough to allow for study".

Turner family, UK August 2014

"Totally awesome!"

"Thanks to Annemiek and Frank, our great wish has been fulfilled. They have shaped our search for an apartment in Paris in a bold and sympathetic way. Not in the least thanks to their excellent connections with both brokers and contractors. Frank and Annemiek speak better French than many Parisians do. Highly recommended by us, Family de Kat."

Le Dome restaurant Montparnasse Paris
The De Kat family September 2014

"Frank and Annemiek assisted us enthusiastically in our search for an apartment in Paris. They are very well informed about all ins and outs related to the purchase and renovation of a Parisian apartment. We wholeheartedly recommend them."

Carroussel Place Hotel de Ville Paris
W. Stoker June 2013

“A to Z”

"Frank and Annemiek work fast and efficiently. They left us room for our own ideas. They found us a unique apartment that needed a complete renovation. Without their help we would have never dared to take up such a challenge. Everything worked out fine and the result is simply beautiful."

4vue séjour sur cour
J.A. van Dijk Fall 2011


"If you plan to acquire real estate in Paris, it would be smart to work with Annemiek and Frank. We have done so and we are extremely satisfied. Annemiek and Frank have excellent knowledge of the French language and of French legal matters. They are practical, they work fast, and they provide answers to all your questions."

Thalys Gare du Nord
M. van Engelshoven Spring 2011

"Absolute top-class"

"We wanted an apartment in a defined area, that we could use for ourselves as well as for investment purposes. It was key to us that our wishes be heard, and at the same time we wanted help in refining our choices. Everything around the purchase was taken care of, included in the price, and with continuous communication.  Annemiek and Frank work perfectly as a team."

Arc de Triomphe Paris by night
C.J. Hage Summer 2010
Jardin du Luxembourg Paris herfst
IMG_0275 (Small)


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