Our remuneration for help in renting out your flat in Paris

Hourly rate

Whether it is an apartment that you have found with our help, or a flat that you own without our intervention, we treat every rental project in Paris as a new assignment.


Discount for existing customers

Have you found and purchased your apartment in Paris through ParisScarabee Househunters? Then we give you a discount on our rate when you engage us to advice you on renting out your apartment. You pay 160 euros per hour excluding VAT.

Do you want to hire us for help with renting out an apartment in Paris that you bought without the previous involvement of ParisScarabee Househunters? That is also possible! You pay us 180 Euros per hour excluding VAT.

Keep the total amount under control: a fee cap

You can agree with us on a maximum total amount for your entire rental project. That way you know you will never spend more. If it turns out we need less time than we estimated upfront, you pay us the lower actual costs.

We have to charge you 20% French VAT on all the abovementioned fees.

Le Bon Marché Paris


Please contact us for more information. We are available by phone 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can also send us an e-mail or WhatsApp message.

Telephone and WhatsApp:

In The Netherlands: + 31 6 11 24 35 12

In France: + 33 6 47 41 83 52

Email: info@parisscarabee.nl

Other international representatives

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