About us

ParisScarabee Househunters is a small, committed and experienced team. Based on our own experiences in the Parisian housing market, we, Annemiek Wortel and Frank van Zelst, founded ParisScarabee Househunters. We are passionate about real estate. We go out of our way to help you find, renovate, rent out or sell your studio, apartment or house in Paris: as your first or second home, your "pied-à-terre", or as an investment. We personally execute every project from the beginning to the end. We never do more than two projects at the same time, so that all our attention is focused on your needs. We see it as a challenge to offer you a superior quality of service with every project we do. That’s why you can reach us in- and outside office hours and 7 days a week. In addition to French and Dutch, we speak English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. We also have international representatives on several continents. ParisScarabee Househunters: we search, find and deliver! Read more about us below.

Annemiek Wortel en Frank van Zelst

Our background and experience at your service

Annemiek Wortel obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration in both the Netherlands and France (Nyenrode and the École Supérieure de Commerce, Lyon Management School). With her many years of working experience as Président-Général of Reed Business Information in Paris, she is a seasoned expert when it comes to working with French people and living in Paris.

Before July 2006 Frank van Zelst, who studied tax law at the University of Leiden, worked as a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the real estate sector. At PwC, Frank led the worldwide global PwC real estate specialist network of accountants, tax specialists, lawyers and consultants. Frank also worked for PwC in Paris. Real estate and Paris have always remained his passion.

International network

ParisScarabee Househunters: with our international network we are ready for demanding international customers from all over the world. Thanks to our international representatives, you can work with us in your own country, language, region or time zone, in Dutch, German, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. We have multilingual representatives in the United Kingdom (London); the US (Topeka, Kansas); Spain / Portugal (Madrid) or South and Central America (Madrid / Bogota, Mexico City); Asia and Oceania (Sydney). They have an in-depth knowledge of the way things work in Paris, and they can be closely involved in the execution of your project. ParisScarabee Househunters: at your service anywhere in the world! Meet our international representatives here.

Where does the name ParisScarabee Househunters come from?

One of our apartments in Paris is located in an Art Nouveau building of 1907. The building is exceptionally decorated with ceramic tiles designed by an artist named Alexandre Bigot. Typical for Art Nouveau is the use of motives based on nature, flowers, plants and animals living on those plants. So Bigot decorated the façade of our building with hand painted ceramic tiles forming a lovely decor of leaves and flowers. He also put pineapples, dragonflies and snails in the scenes. And above the main entrance he put up a beautiful scarab: a beetle.

In Egypt, the scarab is an important symbol representing the cycle of life. The French word for scarab, scarabée, has two meanings however. It is also used to describe a jewel: a pear-shaped precious stone cut in facets. The name ParisScarabee Househunters was born: our mission is to help each of our clients to find a unique apartment in Paris, a jewel to live in!




Please contact us for more information. We are available by phone 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can also send us an e-mail or WhatsApp message.


Telephone and WhatsApp:

In The Netherlands: + 31 6 11 24 35 12

In France: + 33 6 47 41 83 52

Email: info@parisscarabee.nl

Other international representatives


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