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What is the impact of the Corona crisis on the residential real estate market in Paris?

Until very recently, all indicators for the real estate market in Paris pointed towards increasing prices per square meter to as much as 5-6% in 2020. Supply was scarce and declined rather than increased, while demand continued to be strong. The number of transactions gradually decreased because there was little to buy. But how does […]

La Samaritaine on the Seine river in Paris soon to reopen

La Samaritaine, part of billionaire Bernard Arnault’s LVMH luxury empire, is set to reopen next April 2020 after a 15-year renovation. Soon we’ll be able to enjoy its restored Belle Epoque glamour, including ornate frescoes, mosaics and wrought-iron staircases. Europe’s wealthiest man is spending more than $1 billion on the iconic Paris department store at a time […]

Buying an apartment in Paris? If you search well you may find it just a little cheaper

Buying an apartment in Paris? … Make sure you bring enough money! In one out of two districts or “arrondissements”, a flat now costs more than 11,000 euros per m2. And it’s the same just outside the ring road, the “boulevard périphérique”, in Neuilly-sur-Seine for example. But in the 13th, 19th and 20th arrondissements you […]

La Défense: not only for working but also for living

No less than 7 new skyscrapers are being built in Paris’business district La Défense. The city anticipates a continued exodus of banks, multinationals and investments funds from London to La Défense, following Brexit. La Défense is already the largest financial district in continental Europe, bigger than Frankfurt and Milan. Some 180.000 perople work there, but […]