Almost always apartments in Paris need some kind of renovation. From a small paint job to a complete makeover. Remodeling your flat from a remote distance ... in a busy metropolis ... it is possible! ParisScarabee Househunters is on site and helps you from quotation to delivery. How do you broaden your choice of apartments you can buy, and turn it into your own taste? Read more below.

Renovation and refurbishing: opportunity instead of problem

Many buyers limit their search in Paris to apartments that they no longer need to fix up. They are forced to do so because they would not know how to arrange a renovation or refurbishment in Paris from a distance. They look up to that. And it's not easy. You too probably know a story about a dramatic renovation, contractors who failed, professionals who didn't show up, and far too high prices. But that does not happen if you call on us for assistance with your renovation. We don’t shy away from a local refurbishment or renovation. Quite the opposite! Allowing for a refurbishment, means that you can choose from a wider range of properties to buy. And you may find a lower-priced apartment to which you can add a lot of value yourself. Moreover, you can organize and finish it entirely according to your own taste. Most other House Hunters don't go that far.

By the way: even if you have not bought your apartment through us, but all by yourself, we can assist you with a renovation or makeover of your flat in Paris.

Local expertise, from quotes to delivery

Thanks to our network of reliable and reasonably priced technical suppliers, we can have a renovation or refurbishment carried out quickly. We discuss with you on the spot what you want. We then request quotes and negotiate them for you. We can make suggestions for materials and furnishing. If you wish, we go to shops and suppliers together with you. We work with local professionals and local materials. You get the local guarantees and you know for sure that everything meets the Paris and French standards and legislation. And, if you still have questions afterwards, your suppliers are around the corner.

Overview and progress

We supervise the entire refurbishment or renovation on site and oversee the complete execution of the work. In the meantime, we publish progress reports and send you photos. And we consult with you if unexpected questions arise.

For the supervision of refurbishments or renovations, we will agree a separate fee with you in advance. This is usually an hourly rate. This falls outside of our fee for finding your apartment with the 4-step ParisScarabee Househunters method.

Studio Saint Germain na renovatie (Small)


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