Our remuneration if we help you find and buy a flat in Paris

Start: a one-time expense allowance

After the free intake interview, we draft a tailormade agreement that describes our precise mission and the total amount you will pay us. Upon signature we will charge you a one-off expense allowance of 1000 Euro (excluding 20% French VAT). Then, right away, we start our hunt for your dream apartment in Paris! Do you ultimately decide not to buy an apartment? Then this expense allowance is all you pay. ParisScarabee Househunters: no cure, no pay.



What do you get for that?

For this one-time expense allowance, we intensively search for you for 6 months. The amount includes all our preparations and our exchanges with you during that period. We offer you 3 full days of viewing apartments in Paris. For each of those viewing days we carefully select the most suitable apartments out of the available offer. For each potential flat, we interrogate the broker or the owner to get more information and screen whether it could really match your requirements. We organize that you can visit all flats that we think could be to your taste and budget, on each viewing day (s) in Paris. And of course, we get you there in the right place and time and we do all the visits with you. Depending on the offer, you usually see about 6 to 12 carefully selected apartments per single viewing day. You pay your own travel and accommodation costs for these viewing days.

Our expense allowance is very reasonable. Even if we find your preferred apartment on the first viewing day, we have been working for you for dozens of hours. The allowance also helps us to determine whether you, as a customer, are as seriously committed as we are to your mission to find and purchase a real estate property in Paris. We deduct the one-off expense allowance from our final fee, that you pay once you received the keys to your dream apartment in Paris.

Your choice: percentage or fixed amount

The amount of our final fee depends on the complexity of the search and the nature and scope of the services you want to purchase from us. You only pay us this fee if you have actually become the owner of your Paris apartment: no cure, no pay. It is the actual reward for our work. The amount covers all our services from steps 1 to 4 of the purchasing process.

We agree on the amount of our total fee at the start of our search. You can choose what you prefer:

Option 1: a percentage of the actual purchase price

If you chose this option, you pay us a percentage of the actual purcahse price of your apartment. If you end up buying a cheaper apartment, then you still pay us the same percentage as for the purchase of a more expensive apartment. If your apartment ultimately turns out to be slightly cheaper than you had previously predicted, you will therefore pay us a lower absolute amount in euros. But you also pay a higher amount if you buy a more expensive home.

Option 2: a fixed amount

If you chose this option, you agree a fixed amount in Euros with us in advance. Whether the apartment that you finally buy is cheaper or more expensive than you had initially estimated, the amount in Euros that you pay us does not vary.

We agree the basics together

Whatever option you prefer, we first look at your budget and your wishes. With our knowledge of what is actually achievable for that amount in Paris, we then set a realistic purchase price. Our mission will be to find your dream apartment within that budget. By purchase price we mean the price that you pay the seller, including the costs of his eventual broker. In Parisian real estate jargon this is called: le prix de vente FAI, Frais d'Agence Inclus.

As a general guideline, our remuneration is around 5% of your purchase price FAI. It may vary based on our evaluation of the compexity of your search. We have to charge you 20% French VAT on all our fees.

What do you pay if you decide not to buy an apartment in Paris?

If you ultimately don’t purchase an apartment in Paris, despite all the effort and time we have put into the search, all you will have paid to us is the one-off expense allowance of 1000 Euro excluding VAT. Nothing more. That’s what we mean when we say: ParisScarabee Househunters, no cure, no pay.

We have to charge you 20% French VAT on all fees.



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