Covid rules for foreign visitors in France

In France and in Paris, strict Corona measures apply. Even the fact that you, as a foreigner, own a house or apartment in France is currently insufficient reason to be allowed to travel freely into the country. Travel for business can be exempted. For this you must fill out a separate form. Furthermore, everyone residing in France, regardless of nationality, must comply with the French rules. On November 29, 2020, a gradual and step-by-step relaxation of a severe lock-down started in France. More shops are open, but bars and restaurants are still closed. Real estate brokers are allowed to do life site viewings. You are obliged to wear a facemask everywhere as soon as you leave your house: inside shops and buildings, in public transport, and everywhere outside in the streets. You may (still) only go out on the street with a formal statement, for a maximum of 3 hours and a maximum of 20 kilometers from your primary residency in France (that is … if you have one). If you don’t want a paper form, you can download the French “stop Covid” application and fill out your form online. Traveling further within France is only allowed within your own region. Please consult your own countries sources to see if other measures apply, especially upon your return from France into your home country, such as vaccination requirements or quarentine rules. Stay safe, prenez soin de vous!